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La Luxe Dental was an amazing dental experience. I took my family to this office and our family experience was phenomenal. Dr. Flagan was amazing meeting the needs of my family. Service was professional, clean, and safe! We loved the hospitality during our visit! We will be back soon :)!

Maya L.

Super clean, friendly staff! From the receptionist to the dentist, Dr. Fagan, everyone is super detailed in letting you know what is going on and makes you feel at ease. Convenient to get to and already booked my next appointment with them!

Jessica R.
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La Luxe Dental was such an inviting place. I walked in and felt like I was in a spa - relaxing music was playing, it smelled of eucalyptus essential oils, and I had access to a beverage bar. Other services offered include warm towels, music of your choice, to watch tv, and more. I also really appreciated how thorough and transparent Dr. Fagan was about services and prices offered. Before doing the treatment, Dr. Fagan showed me pictures of my teeth as well as an estimated cost/how much insurance would cover (for those without insurance, I noticed a sign saying she had alternative plans you could look into) so there were no surprises when I checked out. I also love Dr. Fagan’s story. So awesome to see a young woman turning her dreams into reality. Already booked my next cleaning and will probably be back before then for teeth whitening services.

Kayla G.

Loved my experience with Dr. Fagan. From making the appointment to scheduling my follow up, the process was such an ease. Roasita was so diligent with reaching out to my insurance to make sure there would be no surprise charges. My cleaning was thorough and Dr. Fagan and Niko made it as comfortable as possible. Loving my smile again. Looking forward to my next visit.

Tyrone S.

Thank you to the La Luxe team for an amazing experience! I truly appreciate your patience with me, especially with all of my questions before and even after my appointment. Thanks again for making the Dentist a visit I can actually look forward to!


This place was amazing! I hadn't been to the dentist in years and was so nervous about going back, but they made it so easy and having a weighted blanket during my appointment was so comforting. Rosita was very helpful getting everything set up with my insurance and rescheduling my appointment. There was no wait before my appointment and Dr. Fagan was friendly and informative throughout. Plus I got a goodie bag! Definitely won't be waiting years before my next appointment and can't say enough good things about them. Highly recommend.

Rebecca P.
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Had a great cleaning and X-rays today! The office is very nice and the service is def deluxe. They even had a “comfort menu” equipped with neck pillow, calming music, aromatherapy and chapstick to name a few. AND there technology was TOP OF THE LINE! I’m super pleased and highly recommend.

Dianna C.

Scheduled an appointment a few days before online easily, appointment was quick, professional, and effective. Niko and Dr. Fagan were awesome - they really go above and beyond to keep you informed about your dental health. I got xrays, a dental cleaning and future appointments set up an hour and a half. Can not recommend this place enough!

Sandie R.

Great dental experience from the second you walk in to when you leave, everyone is extremely nice and accommodating. Impressed with their use of technology and along with communication in general. Going to the dentist may not be my favorite activity but grateful to find Dr Fagan and her staff as I left satisfied and excited for a healthier/brighter smile. Highly recommend, 5-star experience and great covid protocol.

Alex N.

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